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Alex Sadlo was an artist who worked in various media, ranging from painting and oils and other media, to enamels, jewellery and ceramics. The main focus of his practice was expressing the joys of music, movement and colour through varying degrees of abstraction and optical illusion. Informed by the cubist and futurist movements, Sadlo often made use of carefully articulated coloured stripes and the overlapping of different viewpoints, shapes and shades to create a sense of movement within his work. VOLT is delighted to present a retrospective of Sadlo’s work, which will open Spring 2022.

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Alex Sadlo grew up in Czechoslovakia, but in 1949 while he was studying in Prague, political upheaval forced him to leave. He emigrated to Adelaide in Australia, where he lived for twenty two years and enjoyed a successful career as an artist. He returned to Europe in 1972, settling here in Eastbourne with his partner Gaynor, where he continued to make work into the later years of his life.

Stereoscopic is a celebration of Alex's rich artistic output, illustrating his fascination with illusion and optics, and showcasing the breadth of media he used throughout his life.

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