2nd September - 17th October 2021 

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Broken Water sees artist Lucy Woodhouse create an intricate new installation comprised of film, sound and sculpture. This new body of work is based upon the artist’s recent experience of sedation and ultrasound body scans;  by expanding upon these experiences and using the visual language of medical scans and procedures, Lucy Woodhouse presents the body as a gateway into a surreal and alien environment.

The exhibition is centred around a multi-channel film shown across multiple screens. The imagery in the work syncs and then separates, appearing in waves as the viewer is taken deeper into a space that feels both bodily and digitised. This work explores how we experience our own body, our relationships with it, and the implications this has on our understanding of medicine, technology and the environment.

Accompanying the multimedia elements of the installation are a series of sculptures that combine casts of the artist’s body and objects from the environment such as shells as shingle. These objects present the shoreline as a point of departure and a transformative space that exists both between and outside of static spaces. An additional sound work creates intense AI-made hums, generated by converting image files into audio.

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Lucy Woodhouse, Broken Water, Film Still 2, 2021.png

Lucy Woodhouse is a multidisciplinary artist based in London who works across online technologies, live broadcast, photography, digital media, sculpture and performance. Her work looks to reconfigure the everyday into something strange and atmospheric. Often, Woodhouse’s practice will engage directly with the people, technologies or objects that she finds in a specific place; like the plaster forms that appear in ‘Broken Water’ which were cast on Eastbourne beach.