Commissioned by VOLT, in collaboration with Your Eastbourne BID, Together by Will Mower is a large scale public artwork situated on Seaside Road, Eastbourne. Since _ when the department store closed the building was left disused and dilapidated; Together aims to enliven the building and bring some colour to the town centre.

Along with making the work stand out in a busy public space, the bright colours in the design create a sense of optimism and positivity. Equally, the word 'together' (which can be read as a continuation of the artwork on the other side of the building that reads 'Eastbourne') speaks to the diverse and vibrant community of Seaside and Eastbourne as a whole.

Will Mower is a graphic artist and designer currently based in London. He works in a variety of mediums from block and screen printing to designing interactive experiences and physical objects.


He takes a playful and exploratory approach to creating work and his projects often begin as a system or toolkit of elements that can then be utilised to create a variety of different outcomes. He is interested in creating bold and colourful designs that simply present an idea whilst offering the viewer some insight into how the piece has been constructed.