Rose Tinted is an exhibition of new work from Naim’s Scenes series, which depicts natural objects and scenic views in an idealised form. These images both create and undermine our collectively romanticised view of certain experiences or environments, such as sunsets and beaches. The visual clichés Naim sets up speak to the way we form perceptions of the world around us. As writer and curator Vanessa Murrell observes: “a tension arises between the perception of something and its existence...the nostalgic aspects of rose-coloured vision clash with the freeing, but painful, truths that can be uncovered through unbiased observation.”

Works are comprised of a single piece of wood with multiple images – photographs taken by Naim – screwed on, creating a composition of fragments which move beyond time and place, into a fantastical and idealised realm. Naim’s work shows how our experience of the present moment is informed through the lens of expectation.



A companion exhibition, Rose Tinted, is presented at The Third Line, Dubai from 12th May – 8th July 2022.


To find out more about the making of Sara Naim's work, read our interview with the artist.